The Rain Days – Triangle Scheme


rain days coverFor the past few weeks I’ve been developing my feature film ‘The Rain Days’ as part of Screen Yorkshire’s Triangle scheme. We’ve been selected for the second phase and will be developing the idea to treatment stage at which point we’ll pitch to industry.

Here’s the synopsis:

Eighteen-year-old Isla lives on a farm with her father and four siblings. Like all the young people in this rural community, she has never seen the sun as it’s been raining perpetually for thirty years. She has been raised to believe that the troubled seas beyond their island offer little chance of survival, nor any guarantee of a better life. When a beguiling stranger passes through their land, searching for a missing woman and telling tales of a brighter future beyond these shores, Isla’s life of steadfast resilience is thrown into doubt and disarray. She becomes obsessed with the charismatic young man and thoughts of leaving begin to haunt her. When challenged by his daughter, Isla’s father becomes increasingly irrational and is unable to see the possible danger in his own dogmatic belief in staying put. John believes that he must protect Isla from the perils of the outside world, whilst she starts to believe that there is something better out there. Her sense of loyalty and guilt causes confusion as she clashes with her father in a bid to leave.